OUR MISSION: To help authors get their books out of their head and into the world.  We can have your book up on Amazon.com and many other book markets in just a few weeks.

The BDI Publishers Story:

I have published eight of my own books.  I had a publisher interested, but I found out that although they didn't charge anything up front, they took ninety percent of the profits.  Wow!  The publisher wanted to take ninety percent of my hard work. I asked the publisher's representative what they did for that ninety percent and they said they printed some books and put them into bookstores and in their catalogue.  Who buys books in a bookstore?  They didn't offer any marketing, book signings, book tours, nothing.  So I looked into self-publishing.  After I made many mistakes, I found a very easy way to self-publish. It's called Print on Demand.  Basically a printer is standing by to print your book and they charge the same amount whether your print one or ten thousand.


After publishing all of my own books, my wife's book, two of my brother's books, and my niece's book, I was talking to some friends of mine who are consultants.  They asked if I could help them publish their book.  Of course, I told them that I would.  That was the beginning of BDI Publishers.  That book, CTRL-SHIFT, was my first non-family book.


So if you want help with your book, fill out our menu of services and let us know where we can help.  Traditional Publishers take ninety percent of your hard earned work.  After paying a small cost up front for design, our price structure is as follows:  Twenty percent markdown for amazon, around twenty percent for printing costs (depending on the price of your book), and fifteen percent for BDI Publishers.  Instead of making ten percent on each book, you will make approximately forty-five percent on each book. And when you sell your own books, you make sixty-five percent (no Amazon mark down).  And for books that you give away or sell at a reduced price, our fee is only 50 cents per book.  Your book will not only be on Amazon within a few weeks, but we can also turn your book into an ebook and put it on 70 different ebook sites.


We have now published almost every kind of book there is:  fiction, non-fiction, coloring book, cookbook, memoir, self-help, philosophy, poetry book, novel, business trade book, business fable, teen romance, and children's book.


We look forward to helping you get your book out of your head and into the world! 

Why choose BDI Publishers?

We give you customized, individualized service at less than you would pay through Create Space on Amazon, and we do all of the work!


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When you publish your book through Create Space, you do ALL of the work, you make less money per book, and your books will be in fewer markets. Click on our Dare to Compare Tab for more information! 


It's a no brainer.  Choose BDI Publishers.

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