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And we do all of the work!


Per their royalty calculator with expanded distribution. They make almost 80% of the retail price of the book!


And you do all of the work!

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20% Amazon markdown plus

BDI Publisher's 15% ($3.00)

You make $8.42 per book! This includes expanded distribution!

Royalty comparison TGSK.jpg

For Amazon ONLY, you make $8.38 per book.  For expanded distribution, you make $4.38 per book!

Note:  This example is the second edition of The Tough Guy Survival Kit that lists for $19.97.  How much you make per book is dependent on your price point and number of pages (printing costs).  Printing costs for KDP and author copies of books may be less than BDI Publishers. In addition, when you order books directly from us to sell yourself, you can add another 20% to your revenues because you are not paying the wholesale markdown. Note:  This does not include BDI's $80 per year catalogue/administrative cost fee. 


If you have a book with colored pages, the printing costs are much higher on KDP.  Look to the right.  The minimum list price for The People Profit Connection, which is $19.97, would have to be $29.42

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For KDP, you can sign up for 35% royalties or 70% royalties and incur additional costs per book and based on the size of the book.  Your book is on AMAZON ONLY!

For Spark (BDI's ebook service), they take 60% and BDI takes 15%, so you make 25%..  Your book is on over 20 ebook outlets.  See below.


For KDP, your book is on AMAZON ONLY unless you request expanded distribution and your royalties are cut in half.

For Lightning Source (print) and Spark (ebooks), BDI Publishers puts you on the following sellers INCLUDING Amazon!

print books distribution:

LS print distribution.png

Ebooks Distribution:

LS ebook distribution.png