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get your book out of your head and into the world!


Write your book.  When you are ready to publish, send us a copy of the manuscript and we will recommend editing and any other services needed to complete it.


Read through the

Author's Agreement.


Read through the

Author's Checklist.


Complete our

Menu of Services.


Complete the Author Agreement and pay 50% deposit to cover design and other upfront costs.


We will generate an interior design.  


Once you approve that . . .


We will generate a cover design.  


Once you approve that . . . 


Your book is ready to be published!  We send the files to our distributor and your book is available in about a week. Your book can be purchased online from a number of retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Click here to see a full list of retailers our distributor has partnered with.


If you would also like for your title to be sold in an electronic format, we will submit the book to our ebook distributor once the print format is live and available for purchase.  The ebook format should appear online about a week after the print release.

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