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Please choose from the following. Items 1-5 are required.



custom price ranges from $1,500-$3,000

custom price ranges from $500-$1,500

custom price ranges from $1,000-$5,000

for up to 30 images




  1. Cover Design

  2. Interior Design

  3. Set up ISBN for book and ebooks

  4. Set up Title at Printer for distribution and printing

  5. Annual Catalogue and Administrative fees



$125 each



*This is a recurring fee that will be invoiced each year for titles being distributed online.

*Up to 200 pages. There is a $3 per page fee exceeding the 200 page threshold.

Book printing charge - 15% of retail price ($25 minimum) plus shipping/handling.

NOTE: For large books, coffee table books, books with many images, and additional scanning of images, there may be additional design costs.‎

Thanks for sending! We will be in touch soon with more information and pricing.

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