"Publishing a book can be a stressful and daunting task. Getting it edited, creating a book cover, getting an ISBN number (do you even know what that is?) and finally getting it up on Amazon are just a few of the tasks. The cost of doing all of this can add up pretty quickly and from my experience, not everyone you hire knows how to do it properly.  BDI publishing knows how to publish and gives more back to the author than any other company I have found. When you have your meltdown... and believe me you will, Brent patiently and empathetically holds your hand and walks you through the pain. The finished book will be one that is even better than the manuscript you handed them. Without a doubt, whether you are a first time or a well published author, BDI publishers are the way to go."


Lea Brovedani, Author of TRUSTED - Secret Lessons from an Inspired Leader



"BDI Publishing did an incredible job of making my book a reality. I truly appreciated the turn-key approach to design, printing, publishing, etc. - and love the end product. It's been a great experience."


Gretchen Gagel, Author of 8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom



"I would recommend BDI publishers to anyone who wants to get their books into the hands of their audience. Brent and his team will walk you through the process of book publishing from start to finish."


Jessie Shternshus, Co-Author of CTRL-SHIFT

"For many years I contemplated writing a book. Those creative aspirations  were always adversely counteracted by uncertainty on the unknown complexity of having the work published. The fact that What Does George Clooney Have That I Ain't Got is a reality today is directly attributable to the  encouragement and support of BDI Publishers. Their guidance throughout the entire process was extensive and exemplary. Those efforts made the achievement of a long desired personal goal possible."

Kip Keefer, Author of What Does George Clooney Have That I Ain't Got?

"BDI helped me publish my first book.  It was a children’s book.  They helped me find the perfect illustrator and walked me through the entire process.  The experience was much easier than I expected it to be.  The person assigned to help me, Casey, was awesome every step of the way.  I would highly recommend BDI Publishers if you have an idea for a book.  Their work is very reasonable and very professional.  Go ahead and let them turn your idea into a reality.  They did for me."

Alan Lipscomb, Author of Bucket Meets Little Pig

"BDI has published three of my books and I plan to use them again.  The finished product is always great and the price is a bargain compared to other publishers.  You can’t beat ‘em."  

Brian Darnell, author of Aubrey's Vigil, Rare Birds of Coastal Alabama, 

Spoken for and A Jewel in the Dust