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To help authors get their books out of their head and into the world.  We can have your book published and available for purchase in just a few weeks.

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Why choose us?

We give you customized, individualized service at less than you would pay through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon, and we do all of the work!

When you publish your book through KDP:

  • you do ALL of the work

  • you make less money per book

  • your books are sold in fewer markets

We take pride in making our publishing services both affordable and socially and environmentally conscious. When you choose BDI Publishers, your partnership allows us to give back to various non-profit organizations supported by our self-help titles. Our print distributor has also been carefully selected to ensure that the publication of our titles have minimal impact on the environment through the use of Print On Demand fulfillment.

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It's a no brainer.  Choose BDI Publishers.

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Our Process

We walk you through the publication process from beginning to end.  From the moment you are ready to bring your words to life, we are here to help.  We are happy to review your materials before getting started and we will help you determine what services are needed in order to fulfill all of your publishing needs. From line and content editing to illustration and graphic design, we offer a variety of services to aid in the publication of your book.  We will take you through each step: editing, design, iteration, and publication at a pace you are comfortable with.  When you are completely satisfied and feel that your book is ready to publish, we will send the title and all supporting content to our distributors and the book will be live and available for purchase in just a few weeks!

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Prefer to shop small?

So do we!

Check out the Shop page to find a list of our favorite independently owned bookstores OR visit! Bookshop gives you the opportunity to support your local bookstore by ordering books directly from them!

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